Wellness Care

Wellness Care for Chiropractic

We are committed to teaching and practicing
all of the true principles of wellness care.

Wellness care is the last step of chiropractic care and is also known as maintenance or preventative care. It is one of the most effective investments that one can make to the body. It is when someone is no longer in pain but continues to still received chiropractic treatments at regular intervals such a once a month.

The best analogy is the Car. We don’t wait until our car breaks down to take care of it. Instead we service and maintain our automobiles. We want to do the same for our body. We can’t just go and but replacement parts like a car. There is definitely no such thing as a spine transplant. Wellness is putting all the physical emotional and biochemical components together.

Proper sleep, hydration, diet, exercise, chiropractic treatments, relaxation and mental wellness are all components of the wellness paradigm.