Relief Care

It is the first step of chiropractic; “putting the stake in the ground

The goal of Relief care is to get you out of pain the quickest way possible Whether it’s back pain from a fall or a the weekend warrior that took it a little too far and is feeling it on a Monday back at work. This type of care varies from just chiropractic treatments by themselves or incorporating therapeutic stretches and/or soft tissue massage to achieve the quickest results to heal the body. 

Depending on each individual’s scenario, Relief care can be one treatment, a series of treatments over a certain amount of time. For more serious conditions such as a car accident or more chronic conditions, it could be up to 90 days or so. We have various approaches to cater to whatever suits each individual needs and comfort level. It’s important to understand that although some patients experience instant relief and a decrease in pain, Relief care can take weeks or up to months. 

This depends on each individual and ultimately their overall health, age, quality of sleep and how the spine is supported throughout a daily routine. Relief care is the shortest amount of care to get a patient out of pain. Some choose this financial reasons, time constraint reasons or just because it is instilled on us from our culture a “no pain means no problem”