A FULL RANGE OF Chiropractic Specialties

Relief Care: The goal of Relief care is to get you out of pain the quickest way possible. It is the first step of chiropractic; “putting the stake in the ground”.

Corrective Care: Involves a longer period of treatment time to create permanent change in musculoskeletal system to remove the root cause of the patients symptoms.

Wellness Care: The last step of chiropractic care and is also known as maintenance or preventative care.

Sports Care: Sports chiropractic, can be of enormous benefit in training
and preventing sports-related injuries and improving athletic performance.

Functional Neurology: With brain-based rehabilitation the chiropractic neurologist will not only manually treat the area in question itself with physical medicine but will also “exercise” the deficient region of the brain to bring back proper function.

Nutritional Counseling: It is our intention to support any and all patients with their nutritional needs. We would be honored to provide you with guidance when it comes to nutrition and overall lifestyle.

Pregnancy Care: During pregnancy it is important to receive chiropractic care as the body becomes misaligned due to a shift in the center of gravity.

Infant Care: It is never too early to bring your baby to the chiropractor. Infants just minutes old are often checked by the loving hands of the family chiropractor.

Children Care: Children may enjoy the benefits of chiropractic care at any age or stage of development.